Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A small Wednesday rant

Can't even think of a name for this post, work is actually going well for the moment it is the rest of my life I feel I have lost control of. Lets start with the teenager, I don't even know what to say but he is not living up to his potential at school, I am making that sound nice, he is actually not even doing the work at all and I am at a lose, have tried pleading, lecturing, stressing and encouraging and nothing is working! The worst part is this is my child who I always felt we had this great relationship and could talk about anything, but now nothing,
Other than that the house is a mess again, and i cant see the gardens from all the weeds!


MUD said...

The closer they get to leaving the nest, the more they want to establish their own sense of self. With Dave we finally just made him close his bedroon door and so long as he kept it in there we didn't mind. Think about how it was with your parents. Pick your battle grounds wisely. It's a tough old world out there and it isn't easier if our kids act stupid. MUD

Aunt Sue said...

School is more important than anything else. He needs to know that there will be consequences if he keeps on doing poorly. Real ones, like what does he really love that could be taken away? Being a teenager is rough but so will working in a fast food place if he doesn't get good grades.

Love SueLove him anyway but get tough.