Monday, June 15, 2009

Happy Anniversary 19 years and counting....

Okay this may seem like an innocent Anniversary post but there is a story behind it. My husband and I were married in June 1990 the day before fathers day, I remember this because every year I tell him our anniversary is coming up it is the 17th but of course my loving husband has to tease a little and always comes back with no its not we got married the day before Fathers Day, which I come back with that day changes... you get the picture.
So today I am sitting at work and my phone rings and Kenny tells me the 17th in 1990 was a Sunday, of course I don't believe him and he says Google it, which of course I do and yep the 17th was a Sunday. Something must be wrong we were married on the 17th we have been celebrating it for years, so I tell Kenny he is crazy and I will have to call him back.
He calls again and gives me our wedding license # and of course it states we were married on the 16th of June 1990. I was shocked at first but now I just think it is too funny, who could forget their anniversary? Me I guess.