Saturday, November 29, 2008


Okay the big day is what 26 days away and I have done no shopping not even a stocking stuffer! Is anyone else out there feeling the pressure? I need to get the tree and decorate it put up all the Christmas stuff and shop! If anyone would like to do my shopping for me I will pay well!
I love Christmas it is my favorite holiday but I am a little stressed thinking how much I have to do.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

The Firefighters Ball

Austin went with Jenn to the firefighters ball to work selling pop and ice. I just thought Jenn looked so nice in her Walmart dress and sensible shoes I had to post the picture.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Tooth Fairy's day off

What to do when you fall asleep and forget that your small child has happily and expectantly placed his prized tooth under his pillow.... well you come up with a good story.
It all started inoccently enough this am with my beautiful toothless child stating first thing "Mommy something terrible has happened the tooth fairy did'nt come!". Of course my first thought was oh crap! then the guilt, worst mom in the world award coming right up! Then I stalled..."Mommy needs to go potty and I will see if I can think of a reason that she missed you."
Then of course the story...The tooth fairy is off on Wednesdays but the lucky little boys who lose their teeth on that day get extra speacial suprises on Thursdays! Luckily he is 6 so he bought the story. As for me I did some shopping and there will be an extra suprise with some cash under that pillow in the morning!

Monday, November 17, 2008

Monday Ramblings

I hate when you go to the doctor for the first time in forever and of course by the way you need a Tetnus shot, my arm is really sore.

My dog is blind, deaf and he really smells like he already has 1 foot in the ground!

I am so very thankful to be employed right now but I swear some days I just hate my job!

I love these gas prices, filled up for under $20.

Christmas is in like 6 weeks, where did the time go??

Oh and my arm is really sore!