Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Boulevard

My husband and the boys go to the drive inn almost every weekend in the spring and fall, they have learned to buy cheap and sell to make a profit. Today I went to bring them breakfast (a Sunday drive inn tradition) and stayed to people watch. Wow the things you see there, all I can say is there is way to much spandex! You really must see to believe.

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MUD said...

Spandex is a thin material that fits over the body. It is not the spandex that is fault. I think that we should call it blivet after it is caused to stretch over 20 Lbs beyond the load limit. The Military calls a blivet any thing that is 20 lbs in a 5 pound sack.
Just be thankful that no one is killed when Spandex is forced over fat and the spandex fails. MUD