Saturday, May 22, 2010

Emergency call from Shawnee Police

Well lets just say my week did not end on a positive note. Teenager problems continue but if being scared straight really works we are going to find out. I won't go in to the details but lets just say it was not a bright spot in my day. The boy is now grounded, no phone, no car, and he will be getting a job this summer so he can get a touch of reality, wish us all luck.
Again the house is a mess and still can't see the gardens from the weeds, maybe today I will take back control of that, or better yet send the teenager out to do it:) Enjoy the weather out there today, other than all the cottonwood flying around it is beautiful.
Oh and should let you all know teenager is alive and well and not in jail, he actually seems very willing and ready to accept his punishment.

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MUD said...

Just remember that we all did stupid things in our lives. A good dose of punishment is probably needed but remember that his crime should be moderated by love and understanding somewhere before the end of summer. Good jobs are hard to find right now as there are a lot of older guys working those minimun wage jobs. Time behind the mower is a good thing. MUD